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Leaving Business closed until we receive an all-clear notice . 

Creatives, Properties,  Initiatives and Works of Tim Backer (Louis Lennon).

Member, American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers;

Member, United States Naval Institute.

Member, Association of the United States Navy.

The decision was made to close BackWords Recordings on September 7, 2018 as a security precaution after inflicted financial devestations and targetted corporate market exclusion from the culture industry worldwide, connected by reference to my own religious and political beliefs and my Chinese beloved's political and religious activities in furtherance of our best wisdoms for this Space Rock near nowhere whatsoever.

Lamentably, the Endeavour to introduce Biblical language-comprension as part of Chinese School Curricula has been set back perhaps to pre-French Revolution times and the introduction of Chinese Philosophical Music premises to American and British audiences has also been thwarted.

After a message from her Church to myself was intercepted by an America Spyguy, her Church was raided by the Chinese Government with loss of life and she herself at last report was pinned down in a "black situation", generating a massive thought-world from the album that launched BackWords Recordings and Q E D Music (ASCAP): THE SUBTLE DAWN. The structured narrative of this work, written by myself about our early days as a couple in graduate school, has become the root-generator for a worldwide political-corporate sea-change that I don't whole-heartedly endorse any longer. This particular structure has gone awry. And so as mutual Contraries she and I both resist the liquidation of the Human Spirit.

I am a Blakean Catholic and she is a deep-rooted Bible Christian. We are practitioners of the Western Classical Music Tradition in the commodities/IT/interactive-broadcast context. Please keep us to heart and give due respect to the Governments of PR China, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, that our opposition is registered to what we perceive as a Russian Presidential Administration orchestration of conflict escalations between her country and mine - escalations in which we both have become embroiled, divided alas by our particular language in Creation.

Pei's political career has in past years focused on standing up an ill-conceived Third Chinese Faction through her actions here and in LA, participating in market-bubble generation and exploiting her largely-trustful relationship to me. She saw this as a way to gain credibility. Thus I've criticised her social disruptions - including disruptions in my own life and career - and gone to great lengths to explain why we have been put into a "Marriage of Intents" to stabilise her SUBTLE DAWN MOVEMENT. I take great risks on her behalf, as in this texting, acting upon her request to represent her. 

Here in America - with our "One Consumerist Faction, Two Systems" social structure, and there in China - with its "Two Factions, One System" social structure - the turmoil caused by her fielding of The Subtle Dawn Movement has roiled markets, politics, and the voodoo-campaigns of the music business. Her motive was less THE SUBTLE DAWN than aggrandisement of her Cause by exploiting a geohistorical planning document which I composed in 1995-1999; that is, THE SUBTLE DAWN. Perhaps the problems originated with my midnightsunset=midnight sunrise cover painting, perhaps with the naming of my conceptual band "Alamogordo". Perhaps it had to do with the commercial lockout and apparent disempowerment of BackWords Recordings over religious policy differences with South Bend Roman Catholics.

 In the event the roadmap was improved upon with THE SUBTLE DAWN: An American's Version (2009) and CLASSICALITY (2013) and THE FOUR ZOAS (2012) and PATRIOTIC IMPROMPTUS (2015) and THE MUSING GENIE (2017) as well as consolidated in A PLATFORM FOR DREAMS. These were remediations for what has Become, in our lives, in our world. Please see these predicaments we are in with gracious understanding. I view her with responsible mentoring. I do not believe, based on our conversations, she knowingly created and fielded a Cause of Disruption. THE SUBTLE DAWN Movement, though, is an Albatross for both of us.


Advanced Christianity with Chinese characteristics.

'Rock Classical' compositions.
"Music is the Rhyme, yet the Reason."

Home Office, Planning & Operations:
334 Tonti Street,
South Bend, Indiana 46617-1149

This site  The Web 

Tim Backer: A Man who,

being Nobody, was & is.

Tim Backer (Louis Lennon) is currently working as

"The Musing Genie"

He creates realtime compositions with an Electric Guitar.

---> 574/520-1565

--> booking and enquiries:

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Tim Backer's channel, YouTube

Tim Backer, M.Mus.:
Composer, Politist, Recording Artist, Culture Structurist,
Poet, Musician, Creator, Businessman, Fashioner.


Here, the published parameters of the business structures for marketing and business manifestation of 
Tim Backer, Phase Innocence.
A similar structure is sought for Tim Backer, Phase Experience.

Please direct interest in BackWords' matters by postal mail.
Visitors by appointment, please.
Specification: Post-production, Manufacturing, and Marketing Rights to 7 full-length CDs, 2 multi-disc works and 2 MaxiSingles.
Three of the CDs are mainstream product in the Rock Classical genre. 
One CD is of top-level Classical compositions.
One multi-disc work is a Recitation of an epic poem by William Blake.
Rights assignment to be by license.
Two Companies will be chosen to develop a detailed Prospectus and a Marketing Vision.
The finalizing decisions will be made by March 29, 2018.
(SR) and (PA) ©'s are already secured. 
CD- A Platform For Dreams
CD- The Subtle Dawn 
6 CD's- The Musing Genie: Thirteen Electric Guitar Explorations
6 CD's- THE FOUR ZOAS: A Recitation of the epic poem by William Blake
CD- Patriotic Impromptus
MaxiSingle- Thank America
CD- The Subtle Dawn: An American's Version
CD- Isolated Efforts/ In Camera
Requirement: Your Company needs to have an existing sales structure in the Far East, be an intellectual presence in European art-music circles, and be able to manifest cultural leadership in the United States.
Post-production includes mastering, making needed videos, and concept-development.
Digital reification is quite promising.
Goal 1 is to have three commercially credible releases available for consumers to purchase during the Christmas-season window, 2017.
Goal 2 is to establish Rock Classical as a powerful sales genre, looking toward being a radio format.
Goal 3 is to make Tim Backer-- his works, his life, and his thought-- a vibrant topic in the critical communities.
Goal 4 is to promote the ideas found on this website, managing the development of the Backerian worldview by means of specific cultural initiatives. 
Goal 5 is to have a cultural influence that results in better employment prospects for classically-trained musicians. 


POLITIST: A Chinese word into English, meaning a person whose political sway and idea-insertion reaches those not reached by political argument or policy. 


NOTICE: BackWords Recordings  An Independent Culture Production House is a sole proprietorship, a d/b/a registered in the State of Indiana, wholly owned and operated by Brian T ("Tim") Backer (Louis Lennon).

BackWords Recordings, An Independent Culture Production House  operates independently of any other persons, entities or organizations, real or implied, including Backer family members. 

Content created within the context of BackWords Recordings is, as pertains to copyright or other intellectual property rights and claims, wholly owned by Brian T ("Tim") Backer, InterPlays excluded, qualified by law and appropriate agreements and licenses.

Tim Backer,

Phase Innocence 


The Tim Backer Project/Object

The First State (1995-2017): 

The Subtle Dawn: An American's Version (2006)

The Way of Civilizational Design (2016)

WALKING PAST, A Dramatic Narrative For Solo Cello [for Shenpei] (2013)


A Platform For Dreams (2017)

Classicality (2017)

The Subtle Dawn (1999)

The Four Zoas [epic poem recitation] (2014)

Patriotic Impromptus (2016)

A Fool sees not the same Tree that a Wise Man Sees.

For Every Thing that Lives is Holy. 

And now the Lion and the Wolf shall cease.

-- from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell



That she is living,

Were it but told you, should be hooted at

Like an old tale: but it appears she lives,

Though yet she speak not. Mark a little while.

Please you to interpose, fair madam: kneel

And pray your mother's blessing. Turn, good lady;

Our Perdita is found.


You gods, look down

And from your sacred vials pour your graces

Upon my daughter's head! Tell me, mine own.

Where hast thou been preserved? where lived? how found

Thy father's court? for thou shalt hear that I,

Knowing by Paulina that the oracle

Gave hope thou wast in being, have preserved

Myself to see the issue.


There's time enough for that;

Lest they desire upon this push to trouble

Your joys with like relation. Go together,

You precious winners all; your exultation

Partake to every one. I, an old turtle,

Will wing me to some wither'd bough and there

My mate, that's never to be found again,

Lament till I am lost. 

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