BackWords Recordings, An Independent Culture Production House


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Intent of Endeavour:
"BackWords Recordings is, at present, building a catalog of my own original musical and poetic works for future use. I intend, upon capitalisation, to offer for resale other businesses' culture products as well. My guiding values are rooted in the works of Shakespeare, Milton, Blake and Beethoven.
"A trained composer (M. Mus.) and developing recording artist, I do Rock Classical compositions, developing the branch of Classical music founded by The Beatles, infused with an astounding worldview. Unique-styled bold electric guitar Quyi complement skillful, complex sheetmusic-based Mac/MIDI work; because of studio limitations, the main effort went into the note-writing and formal structuring. The lyrics resemble Blake and Coleridge with a saturating influence of Shakespeare. 

"As a Mac/MIDI composer, I enjoy writing and performing "notey" music. While earning my M.Mus. I learned how to write counterpoint in a number of styles. I play classical piano and string bass, am a philosophy-presenter in Chinese narrative style on electric guitar and synthesizer, and read well enough to perform the parts I write on the recordings that I produce. Up to this point, I have been entirely a DIY artist, but I've expanded beyond that palette and now am in pursuit of greater accomplishments using professional-grade resources. Basically, I've outgrown my own act. So, at the moment, I'm developing a new live act based on explorative electric guitar." 

BackWords Recordings, conceptually, is dedicated to forming and promoting an independent culture. This culture is solidly based on culture products that are proven as being worth conserving, that lead to transcendent experience and transcendent values. The visual arts, musical arts, verbal arts, and science arts all contribute. Transcendent works are found in high culture and in popular culture, in tradition and in innovation, and inspire action as well as contemplation. 
The hoped-for independent culture is one of accessible excellence.

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