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Bids Results Notice
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Ideological Classification:
Western Romanticism

Music Genre: "Rock Classical"
"Advanced Christianity with Chinese Characteristics"

"None of the offers/bids received met both the formal specifications and the formal requirements published, and therefore no licensing or marketing contract for the Project/object Phase Innocence or its constituent parts has been entered into.

"Those Offers/bids made are declined as not meeting the advertised criteria.

"In the meanwhile, there has been a concerted and developed anti-competitive effort directed here, targeting us.

"Sans field workers, sans conveyance to market, sans capital: the harvest (primaries and derivatives) cannot be brought in and will be plowed under as a loss and failure of time and labour, taking merely for provision and seed. The children playing in the field, returning the clothes that are not theirs to wear, are shooed off.

"Phase Innocence, as a life period and as a life effort, is formally finished and put behind.

"My decision, as president and Sole Proprietor of BackWords Recordings, An Independent Culture Production House and Q E D Music (ASCAP) is to engage in work henceforth with those who advance the philospophical-religious furtherance and to let pass the political-financial-fame-business furtherance as such do not square at this time with the intent of the creations or the creator."

Glad Day. 


Tim Backer

South Bend

March 29, 2018 .

updated, August 16, 2018. 

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