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Personal Mentors:

I am a Reconciliationist advancing Imaginist Politics.


As a Politist I originated myself at Wesleyan University (Structural Liberalism); proceeded to formal education in British Canonical Literature, Poetic Theory, Chinese Poetry (Indiana University, A.B., 1986); Music History, Music Technology, Music Literature (Indiana University, M.Mus., 1996); and continued studying on independent initiative topics such as European History, Military Affairs, and Geo-Strategic Matters.


As a Goodman I have been brought through by Margaret, Pei Shen, Jimi Hendrix, and William Blake.

As a student I was mentored by John Bitterley, Guy Foreman, Wayne Tarnow (La Porte Schools); and David Barton, Peter Lindenbaum, Lewis Rowell (Indiana University). Especial gratitude is given to Myrtle Burns, who trained me in Americanism; Peter Marquis, who showed my spirit the philosophy of flying; Glenn Linnemann, who pointed out the meaning of meaning; Robert Demaree, who taught the Significance of Music; and Irvine Yucheng Lo, who gave me purpose in chun-tsu.


As a structured thinker I have modeled my schema on works by Northrop Frye, Harold Bloom, Philip Bobbitt, and Wilfrid Mellers.


As a rockstar I have been guided by recordings of Frank Zappa, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Laurie Anderson.


As a leader I have modeled myself on Princess Margaret, Richard Nixon, John Milton, and Richard Lugar.


As a careerist I am still under the shadow of the Covering Cherub, but chagrin and dispossession aside, I stand, still. 


As a Christian my primary loyalty is to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Tim Backer

South Bend

February 12, 2018. 

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