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Genre name: Rock Classical
Rock Classical, as a new genre, is music intended for close listening at home where one can listen intently and appreciate the compositional structure, perceiving the electronic treatments inherent in high-quality studio recordings.
Live, Rock Classical is intended for halls of less than 2000 listeners and for small private gatherings and events.

A Marketing Innovation
Rock Classical, as a radio format, would include many works from rock and triple-A artists’ back catalogs. Often a group would only have time and budget to write one or two carefully composed songs for an album, as composition is a difficult art to practice.
Online sale, based around single tracks, allows for a significant re-entry of such back catalog works into active sales circulation.

Rewarding Artists
Some other artists write exclusively in the compositional mode. Examples range from Laurie Anderson to Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Jewel, Rush, Kate Bush, Pete Townshend, Tori Amos, as well as, obviously, the various Beatles. The taste by which Rock Classical is appreciated must by cultivated by the industry, asserting that listening to such music is inherently more rewarding, if only because such music is more interesting.

Business Vision
BackWords Recordings intends to re-introduce culture products such as books and recordings in active co-operation with established publishers and retailers.
What BackWords Recordings can offer, sooner rather than later, is an audience that puts cultural excellence as foremost consideration in its purchasing decisions.
BackWords Recordings intends on investing in the creation of culture products by others.
Tim Backer is available to perform electric guitar Quyi explorations (THE MUSING GENIE) at small gatherings and weddings.

Contact Information
Professional email:
Telephone: 574-520-1565
Office location:                                              
334 Tonti St,                                            
South Bend, Indiana 46617-1149

Personal email:

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