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BackWords Recordings is, at present, sandboxed with myself pragamtically incommunicado. Nonethess, I'm wrapping up the incubation of Tim Backer, Phase Innocence - gathering the presentation to the World Market in my own living identity and proper person. The poltical import is that of a canonical event in world history.
Genre name: Rock Classical
Rock Classical, as a new genre, is music intended for close listening at home where one can listen intently and appreciate the compositional structure, perceiving the electronic treatments inherent in high-quality studio recordings.
Live, Rock Classical is intended for halls of less than 2000 listeners and for small private gatherings and events.
Business Vision
BackWords Recordings intends to re-introduce culture products such as books and recordings in active co-operation with established publishers and retailers. 
What BackWords Recordings can offer, sooner rather than later, is an audience that puts cultural excellence as foremost consideration in its purchasing decisions.
BackWords Recordings intends on investing in the creation of culture products by others.

Business Value 
BackWords Recordings is structured to subsume the Popular Creation as it has manifested the literary tradition of the West, particularly in the music media.  Transformatively raising it to a more accurately structured Fourfold Standard, literary and Biblical, I infuse that with Chinese root philosophical tenets. The "Back Way" to be fielded in life is sensitive to the complications resultant from being beyond the current politcal and social remediation effort. 

A Marketing Innovation
Rock Classical, as a radio format, would include many works from rock and triple-A artists’ back catalogs. Often a group would only have time and budget to write one or two carefully composed songs for an album, as composition is a difficult art to practice.
Online sale, based around single tracks, allows for a significant re-entry of such back catalog works into active sales circulation.

Tim Backer is available to perform electric guitar Quyi explorations (THE MUSING GENIE) at small gatherings and weddings. His recorded works, which are unified in purpose and style, have not been to market yet, but are readied for such introduction.

Contact Information
Professional email:
Telephone: 574-520-1565

Office location:                                              
334 Tonti St,                                            
South Bend, Indiana 46617-1149

Personal email:
後退錄音是, 目前, 沙箱與自己務實地隔離。不過, 我正在敲定的產品-準備的 "蒂姆靠山, 階段無罪 " (1993-2018)-收集在世界市場上, 我自己的生活身份和商界人士在世界社會的介紹。政治進口是世界歷史上一個典型的創造事件。
後退唱片公司打算在與已建立的出版商和零售商的積極合作下, 重新引進諸如書籍和唱片等文化產品。
後退錄音可以提供的, 遲早, 是一個觀眾, 把文化的卓越作為最重要的考慮, 在其購買決定。
商業價值後退錄音的結構, 以包容流行的創作, 因為它體現了西方的文學傳統, 特別是在音樂媒體。 大眾文化的變革性提高, 以更精確的結構化的四分標準, 文學和聖經, 是錨定在一個特定的傳統的地緣歷史意識。我用中國的哲學信條來灌輸。生活中的 "後退" 是對當前政治和社會補救努力之外的複雜因素的敏感。
體裁名稱: 搖滾經典
搖滾經典, 作為一種新的流派, 是音樂的目的是密切傾聽在家裡, 你可以專心聽和欣賞的成分結構, 感知電子處理固有的高品質演播室錄音。
生活, 搖滾古典是為不到2000聽眾大廳和小型私人集會和事件。 
搖滾經典, 作為一種無線電格式, 將包括許多作品從岩石和三重-演出者的背目錄。通常一個小組只會有時間和預算為一張專輯寫一到兩首精心組合的歌曲, 因為作文是很難練習的藝術。
網上銷售, 基於單一軌道, 允許一個重要的重新進入這樣的後臺目錄工作, 以積極的銷售流通。 
蒂姆靠山可以在小聚會和婚禮上表演電吉他曲藝探索 (沉思精靈)。他的作品, 是統一的目的和風格, 尚未上市, 但準備進行這樣的介紹。

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