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The history and development of this private war by the Three Kings Cabal (Bob Dylan, William Jefferson Clinton, and a man claiming to be post-assassination John Lennon) upon myself and my businesses is a matter of public interest and so I will present the matter as it was in my experience, as a testimony. California apparently still holds assets out of reach as I endure in cash-poverty a multi-million dollar information warfare campaign. The target-site of the attack is currently being held for analyses and assimilation by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. While the textbook discredit-and-disregard "mental problems" position of adversaries is doctrine, I suppose, it is obsoleted military public affairs spillover containment in its formulation. We've gone beyond that approach.
I point to the successful shutdown of a national political "game" or inlicted psychological war based on the so-called "Wesleyan Speculation" that has been pervasive in our national psychosphere since 1981. Despite their decades of mock-empowerments and counterfeiting of spiritualities, the appropriators of despoilments have - as the Canonists pointed out repeatedly - been found out in their criminalities.

Trials are ongoing of the perpetrators of this megalomaniacal attempt to stealthily end the Constitional Republic of the United States, overthrow the CCP, and establish a need-to-know-only covert government system for the planet. 
Out in the cold  as I was, I did send up the flare on the influence/ espionage/ sabotage/ propaganda campaign as it transpired in my life and what I could gather of how it transpired in Pei's life. Regretably, the cost to my person and my career has been near-total - fatal, it would seem now - and my own minute particulars will only be known by my Canonical publishings.

The history begins with the assassination of John Lennon in 1980. I had left Wesleyan University after one year, dissatisfied with structural liberalism’s overintensities and was studying in Bloomington. The traumas associated caused me a psychological disturbance which soon had me in near-poverty as a student in South Bend at a commuter college, IUSB. For reasons which I did not understand, I was reduced to near-destitution. It turns out I had inherited $350,000,000 and the inheritance was stolen by the Backer family which induced psychiatric symptoms and poverty as a way of keeping the inheritance out of reach and denying me awareness of my identity. Years later, I was taunted over radiolink by Bob Dylan that he had killed my “father, John Lennon.” Though I did not know it a “Lennon” became a leader in the “black” i.e., covert, community and was involved in Peru’s cocaine communism movement, Shining Path and later, Eastern Lightning inside PR China.

Eventually this man, whom we know as “Daddy”, became a major military industrialist and media mogul, consolidating his positions during the Iraq War. Now he is apparently working FBI and I deal with him daily, particularly in piped-in evidence-presentations pertaining to the BackWords Affair and the Shenpei Case. He acted as Bob Dylan’s wingman in the military-level private war evidenced on this website.
Their objectives may be summarized as being the personal destruction and disenablement of myself so that I cannot defend my copyrights, house, computers, life -- nor act as a witness as to the perpetrations upon Pei Shen, a Chinese woman with whom I now enjoy a Tao-Christian Unity of Being. Pei (Shenpei) and mine marriage formalities and our daily conversings have taken place over a deep-communications link which I am not allowed to reveal. Pei's disruptionist movement in PR China is also being tamped down and brought to a better purpose. 

The attack threatened this key Anglo-American micro-economic micro-political operation which I own and operate and, due to profound neurological damage inflicted, it is likely that the attack has been fatal to me. I gather that it was motivated by “Death of the Author” ideologies upon the Religion of the Universal Man and that leftists incubated and implemented the “super-target/super-victim” scenario for decades. It was difficult to comprehend for many years the strategic aspects of my travails.

I remain atomized, as I have been for twenty-plus years, by a psycho-governance cyber-entity which has interposed itself between myself and the outside world, the markets, and Pei – filtering out telecommunications that might result in revenue or self-recognition while generating enormous amounts of funds and content for my adversaries and their political and business machines.
The matter, taken as a whole, reveals my significance to American, and World, society. It has been for years the center of national political struggles. I have, frankly, been life-raped, mind-raped by the Left’s media and political machines and am now to die inside this contraption sans fulfillment, sans money, sans wife, sans real life. Enough, or too much! 

The matter is macro-politically manifesting, masked, in the national press and on the world stage. A Pearl Harbor focused down on two people, this private war of the Three Kings and their State backers upon myself has ruptured the fabric of the Community.
In sum, we have here the individualization of strategic warfare, an evolution of the nature of war which in its implications has destabilised world civilization as a tiny media-empowered Cabal pursued cataclysmic self-aggrandisement ends.
And so, this over-scripted, hightech, commodification-scheme by a pompous "Adam" upon an unwilling "Eve" with a strawman as "Satan" in a lame human-trafficking "Paradise" constructed and orchestrated in "the Hood" falls flat. With that "New Creation", that "Swiped Dawn", off the table -  being merely a devious attempt to get a different outcome for Paradise Lost, to re-do the 60s - we can all go back to living our lives in a better peace than followed upon the Second World War and the thwarting of the Hitlerist Shabbateans. My apologies of honour go to Pei's clan, but the Californian inflictions upon their super-symbols have been thwarted, perhaps permanently. My gracious thanks endure.

Note: The YouTube presentations of my Catalog are, I take it, down. The financial strangulation was intended to accomplish that end as well as to render legal, cyber, and physical defense impossible.

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