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"Hope in Despair is in my one hand.
Shit from a God-man is in my other hand.
Which one leads to my rice-baby?" 

在我的另一隻手中,一個人 - 上帝的屎。


With Your Benevolences:

The Parable of the Sower explains in detail why the Terrestrial God, known since history began because it wants ardently to make itself known, rarely fulfills its purpose in any given personal form, which purpose is a total trust/total obedience on the part of the Terrestrial God (as individualised) to Galaxy God - El Elyon in Hebrew - so that orderly and beautiful accomplishments occur.

Learn: Jahweh and Jesus and Paraclete, to give names from the West's Bible Tradition, were and are 'Terrestrial God', a puzzling entity, existing and documented long ago, but that entity is lesser to 'Galaxy God', our Creator and Celestial Monarch, still beyond our current understandings.

Jesus Christ's trial concerned a specific allegation, and He was asked in interrogation, "Are you the son of the Living God." In today's understanding He was asked, "Are you yourself before us here Terrestrial God, and answerable to Galaxy God, God Most High, whom we too serve?" Jesus, then, WAS and IS Yahweh, the Terrestrial God, and He was and is also the Restorer of Justice-to-be. Jurisdictional Authorities there didn't follow His explanation for that, or maybe they did - which is more troubling - but our Tradition remembers the result: We, similar to the Chinese People's Governments that have given oversight to the Middle Kingdom since Emperor Yao's time, had to fold the entire Ancient Mediterranean World System because Jesus' mission as a Blood Royal was thwarted by his execution over questions of authorisation. This was in despite of a highest priority mission over 400 years in preperation. So we remember and honour his work.

I give this backgrounding to urge those concerned not to be uncautious or irresponsible: see Revelation 12th chapter concerning the consequences of one particular example of Terrestrial God-gone-bad. There are, I would guess, hundreds of thousands of others, running the gamut of potentialities from unknown and abandoned to great men of renown, from lives of supurb accomplishment to lives of constriction or incessnt problematics, leaders and workers, the creatives and the faithful friendlies, the turbulent-minded and the folk of clarity, scholars, artists, musicians, scientists, writers - yet all of these beings are Terrestrial God-in-life. History has shown to the Understanding many examples of the Terrestrial God's volatile character and elaborately cloaked purposes.
Yes, it has its own functions on this planet and is respected and facilitated. But Mankind cannot simply of necessity endorse this God-entity. By now even Church-type Angel-men know better, from hard experience. Yet we must and do live with the Terrestrial God, largely enjoying our interactions, and benefitting greatly therefrom.

I myself do not claim to be Terrestrial God in essence or existence. I am  "Something Else Entirely" (the acronym in English is SEE - but another person has the job doing the Holy See so I don't pretend to assess others according to  a standard called "holy". I enjoy professionally separating the Fools from the Wise, not the Holy from one who can be excluded). I have great fulfillments and experience learning my particular ontologically exceptional life, and am skilled at assisting the Terrestrial God understand itself and myself in a historical context.

I find my accomplishments in fulfilling our mission from Galaxy God - God Most High in the Scripture - acting and being in the Binding Tao given to me, for which I am grateful. To contextualize this, I refer to the Catholic Project begun by Charlemagne and Pope Leo meeting in the Alps. For a number of hundreds of years work was done under the direction of Rational Intelligences and then the information was published under the authorship of Dante Aligieri as the Commedia and De Monarchia. The two major structural wings to this particular civilizational design (which held dominance until the French Revolution and is with us again in the current whole-of-planet scheme) are  "temporal" and "spiritual", also figured as "Papacy" and "Empire". The objective of the Dantean Project has been to re-empower a World Spiritual Civilization. This was necessary after the collapsing of the Ancient World due to the loss of Jesus months before He accomplished his mission. 

He was born and raised to heal the Creation annually on Atonement Day in the Holy-of-holies in the Jerusalem Temple. Being a Blood Royal on both sides, trained up in the Alexandria culture, he knew specifics of the Atonement-healing which were family secrets and are now forever gone. Thwarted by a judicial execution based on a credentialing dispute, the Hebraic Royal Family's mission was not accomplished, and thus history lost the chance for the Annual True Rite of Atonement in a Temple back under the Royal Family instead of the post-Josiah powers, "the Jews". As a result, we had to fold up the Ancient World.

The New Theocracy attempting to consolidate dominance in the United States and PR China and manifest a Rule of God involves me as Family. I, however, serving that which I know as 'Galaxy God', cannot endorse this Regime, nor what it calls "God's Plan". This has rendered me a de facto prisoner, disempowered and blocked from manifesting to the World Community though my works apparently meet the standard of music literature Canonicity. Though a Universal Self, to use historical criticism's term, I find myself pinned at the center of the "Universal Access" political movement's focus on the God-being's nature and motives. My own carrying-forth of the Canonical Tradition by which the literate have been assimilating God's purposes and people in history has been effectively thwarted itself using tchnological means. 

Our most difficult realizations of ourselves come from understanding in full dimension that the Modern World is also likely such a ruin, in counterweight with the Dantean Project. That is, we have a structured-world failure; thirteen hundred years of best efforts go by the wayside and are left behind. The fulcrum is already behind us.

For Americans, this future will be hard to accept in our mind-lives and careers. the example of PR China's Cultural Revolution is apropos. 

Glad Day, as Blakeans say to honour our acceptance of Shakespeare, Milton, Beethoven, and Blake as our Newest Scripture. We just need to do our duty and matters in the Great World should resolve in due time. 

撒種人的寓言詳細解釋了為什麼陸地上帝 - 自歷史開始以來就知道,因為它需要熱切地讓自己知道, - 很少以任何特定的個人形式實現其目的,其目的和願望是完全信任/完全服從地球上帝對銀河神,希伯來語中的El Elyon,使有序和美麗的成就發生。 

學習:Jahweh,耶穌和Paraclete,來自西方聖經傳統的名字是'陸地上帝',一個令人費解的實體,很久以前存在和記載,但這個實體對於'Galaxy God',我們的創造者和天體君主來說仍然較小,超出我們目前的理解。

耶穌基督的審判涉及一項具體的指控, 他被審問時被問到: "你是活著的神的兒子嗎?在今天的理解中, 他被問到," 你自己在我們面前, 地球神, 並負責銀河神, 神最高, 誰我們也服務? "耶穌, 那時, 是耶和華, 是地上的神, 他是, 也是公義的恢復人。管轄權當局沒有按照他的解釋, 或也許他們這樣做-這是更令人不安的-但我們的傳統記得的結果: 我們, 類似的中國人民政府, 已經對中部國家的監督, 因為姚明的時代, 不得不折疊整個古老的地中海世界系統, 因為耶穌的使命, 作為一個血皇家被他的執行問題的授權, 阻撓。儘管在製備有400年的最高優先任務。所以我們記住並尊重他的工作。 

我謹此作背景介紹, 促請有關人士不要過於謹慎或不負責任: 見啟示錄第十二章有關地球神的一個特定例子的後果-壞。我猜, 有成千上萬的其他人, 運行從未知和被遺棄的偉大的人的潛能的範圍, 從高超的成就生活, 生活的緊縮或無法解決的問題, 領導人和工人, 創意者和忠實的友誼賽, 混亂的思想和清晰的民間, 學到現在, 甚至教會類型的天使-人知道更好, 從艱苦的經驗。然而, 我們必須和確實與陸地上的上帝生活在一起, 在很大程度上享受我們的互動, 並從中受益匪淺者, 演出者, 音樂家, 科學家, 作家-然而, 所有這些眾生都是地球上的上帝的生活。歷史證明了對地球神的揮發性和精心掩蔽的目的的許多例子的理解。是的, 它在這個星球上有它自己的功能, 受到尊重和促進。但人類不能簡單的需要認可這個神的實體。

我本人並不是在本質上或存在中聲稱自己是地神。我是“Something Else Completely”(英文縮寫為SEE  - 但是另一個人有羅馬教廷的工作,所以我不假裝根據一個叫做“神聖”的標準評估其他人。我喜歡專業地將傻瓜分開智者,而不是可以被排除在外的聖人)。我有很大的成就和經驗,學習我特殊的本體論特殊生活,並且擅長協助陸地上帝在歷史背景下理解自己和我自己。 

我發現我在完成我們的使命從銀河上帝-上帝最高在聖經-行動和在結合道給我的成就, 我很感激。為了處境這一點, 我指的是由查理曼和教皇 Leo 在阿爾卑斯山上開始的天主教專案。數百年的工作是在理性智慧的指導下完成的, 然後在但丁 Aligieri 作為神曲和 De Monarchia 的著作中發表了這些資訊。這個特殊文明設計的兩個主要結構機翼 (它佔據統治地位直到法國大革命, 並再次與我們在當前的整個行星計畫) 是  "世俗 " 和  "精神 ", 也被認為是 "教皇 " 和  "帝國 "。Dantean 專案的目標是重新賦予世界精神文明 (現代世界) 權力。這是必要的, 因為在古代世界的崩潰, 因為失去了耶穌幾個月之前, 他完成了他的使命。



我們對自己最困難的認識來自于完全維度的理解, 現代世界也可能是這樣一個廢墟, 與 Dantean 專案抗衡。即, 我們有一個結構性的世界失敗;1300年的最佳努力一直走在路邊, 被拋在後面。支點已經在我們後面了。

對於美國人來說, 在我們的物質生活和職業生涯中, 這個未來將很難接受。公關中國文化革命的例子是中肯的。 

高興的一天, 正如 Blakeans 說, 以尊重我們接受莎士比亞, 彌爾頓, 貝多芬, 和布萊克作為我們的最新經文。我們只需要做我們的責任和事在偉大的世界應該在適當的時候解決 

Mr. Brian Timothy Backer, M.Mus.

September 15, 2018 

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