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BackWords Recordings has again been reduced to marginal operation status by Precipitant Events. Details: 
The House was ransacked in January and we are currently under assault from a number of coordinated threat vectors, escalating and radio-choreographed: Cyber-commandeering, pervasive electronic espionage and IP harvesting, revenue lockout, financial and food strangulation, and propaganda-borne discrediting and color of law intimidations perpetrated upon myself and my businesses and a former girlfriend from graduate music school, Pei Shen, who flagged me down about a year ago requesting my help but may have been a probe inserted to get a feed for harvesting personal and business perspectives.
The origins of the dispute lay in the International Public Information Group's propaganda campaign which lured George W. Bush into the Iraq War. This initiative of former president W J Clinton, now evolved for almost twenty years and today known as 'Strategic Communication', is swamping out the music industry with songtexts synchronised into an Ideology pushing, as a propaganda campaign, a romance - that Pei tells me is a matter of coercion - between Clinton and herself exploiting an agressively expanding California-coordinated market bubbles around Pei herself and my own still-sandboxed businesses which this Cabal is angling to steal as a platform to link up with Eastern Lightning. Eastern Lightning is a fake religion (featuring a California music business guy as "Jehovah") at war with the Chinese Government.
A blurb was posted on this website characterising as a hoax media reports that I had been wed to Pei Shen, my beloved from graduate music school, to whom I composed WALKING PAST, A Dramatic Narrative for Solo Cello in 2013. That blurb was written to fulfill my legal obligation to conceal information that I experienced an electronically relayed marriage ceremony with Pei in January 2018, presented to me as taking place in the Classified Domain. The "marriage", though, may itself have been a component of this electronic deception-harvesting influence operation which has overrun my radio and cyber communications. She has not arrived at the house/office and the reason presented over the electronic links is that she has been blocked every time by violators acting under of colour of law, which may or may not be true.  Pei and I are in regular interactive radiolink contact, though, even when her liberties are compromised
The influence operation targeting my house created an envelope of intimidations, political and sexual; reflexive manipulations and measure/counter-measure escalations; coordinated inflicting of financial losses and cyber-issues; incessent songtexts bombarding the available radio frequencies, spinning out the travails and ideas of we two - often detailing the specifics of the politics involved and the individuals cloaking their mic signals with voice modelers. This is impossible to write off as something other than criminal predations wrapped in a propaganda campaign. No politics worthy of America would endorse the methods, means, or motives of the influence operation's coordinators. The detailed intricacies of the media and political cover-ups and diversions suggest many planning sessions and large expenditures, which means that the operators are trusted as insiders.
Therein is my predicament in bringing matters to public awareness without consulting with Pei. It is not possible for me to not be wrong about her motives and means and yet the significance of the public concerns necessitates my forth-coming.
The blurb I have posted was written to shield us both (and the general world publics) from further predations by mad scripters-of-life on their religious bender pushing relentlessly to raise war financing.
We ask for forbearance as Federal and State Authorities disentangle themselves and their communcations systems from this political Cabal's machinations and infiltrations. BackWords Recordings is cooperating with the FBI as they close in on Strategic Communication for, among other things, infiltrating the Trump Campaign (allegedly with coordinators in the Russian Presidential Administration). The hypothesis is that Russia itself has been commandeered by a root group known as Shabbateans, a sect of heretical Jews expelled from Turkey who infiltrated into Europe as the Frankists and incubated for several hundred years before fielding Hitlerism. It looks like Mr. Putin was recruited while a KGB man in Dresden.
The Cabal consists of only about ten empowered individuals who have embroiled many thousands of others in a mass deception campaign which has, as I said, the aim of taking China from upon the Chinese in order to fund their next step, said to be a planetgrab building on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The UNFCC anchors a need-to-know-only world governance entity that will have no legislature, judiciary, or elected executive and as of 2020 will have binding power of law over nationstates enforcing its dictates. I've argued in THE TAO OF CIVILIZATIONAL DESIGN (Tim Backer YouTube) that Obama, with the 2015 Climate Accord) was geting structures in place for a Clinton planetary monarchy. Intercepts have verified most all the mterial presented in that report (also titled THE WAY OF CIVILIZATIONAL DESIGN).
A stated goal of these would-be American "China-Kings", known through intercepts of intra-Cabal communications, is to commandeer the accumlated national assets of the Chinese People, necessitating the "influencing" of Mr. Trump as they influenced Mr. Bush. In that instance Clinton's press-hoax aliased a contest involving me and him to the name "Saddam Hussein". I came to his attention in 1993 and he wiped me out for over a decade after the 1997-1999 set-up. BackWords Recordings had been knocked out by him in 1998 and so I've been forced to chose against mixing in the channels of commerce.
These days the press-hoax tags me as "Donald Trump" and "Kim Jun Un", most prominently,. Hundreds of filtering narratives are enveloping my identity, confusing the public, courts, markets, and law enforcement.. The so-called "dodgy dossier" matter (rooted in the 1996-1999 events) was brought to light in the UK Parliament's Iraq Inquiry. In this year's run-up to war there is the constructing and fielding of an Ideology (A Marxist technical term for an interlocking self-reinforcing complex of language performances). The revenues in music streaming alone are immense enough that the motion will carry our country into a catastrophe, perhaps a naval debacle or being blamed for an attack on PR China's computer networks from California. The iterative designing and development of this culture-wide catastrophe took many years and thousands of businesses. There are other grotesque geo-strategic components to "God's Plan" as it's called. 
Is the CCP Leadership seeing growth and technology acquisition, great power advancement, as motive enough to overlook an apparent poison pill, as the traces of this influence operation indicate? Or is the CCP Leadership working a purpose here that is not perceptible in terms Americans grasp, lost as we are in speculative constructivisms, in Whitmanian mythmongering unto our own undermining? The answers turn on Pei's status vis-a-vis the Chinese Communist Party, a status that is her own concern and not, directly, mine.
The weaving of an identity deception around my person is a matter has come to the attention of the Federal Authorities and the British Crown. The evidence is detailed through SIGINT-like monitoring and documentation of the matters as they have represented. Looking at the evidence there are coordinating interlocks: Eastern Lightning as a platform for anti-CCP radicalism, the California "Jehovah" Crypto-Christians pushing a co-opted "Blessings theology" called "Awesome", Russian military intelligence led by Putin, who seems to be a Sabattean "God", Clinton's planetary Totalism, Pei's unprecedented many-layered motive-hidden propagandism.
There's also the point made that the Crypto-religionists' bid to get to Mars, destroying Europe and almost all the United States, doesn't work without commandeering China's assets.
"Know your deep-motive; know your enemy's deep-motive." To comprehend, know why and how plans are troped into economic and material existences.
"Know your unseen friend's deep-motive; know your new wife in today's Tao, even if as-yet un-understood."
So what to do? Return to Culture in tandem, defeating the Shabbateans and sidestepping their engineered global cataclysm. 

World Civilizations have seen this before; seventeen million Chinese civilians' lives were lost during the Fascist bid to prey upon their nation last century.
The world of the 20th century experienced the results of a similar nation-commandeering in order to advance bigger plans and wrench history itself according to a Master Script: the Second Total War of 1914-1991. The Third Total War, which was launched with the Kennedy assassination, can be resolved if teleological apocalypticism, "God-provoking", is decicively rejected and purged from the privileged positionings.

PR China is a key participant in helping clarify World Civilization's war aims and comprehending our Greater Adversary's motives, means, moneys, and methods. For indeed, we observe the Mysterium Iniquitatus come to this planet. We detail as it deploys; it is undersood in its character and its reifications. We know how it manipulates the psychological, informational, and material conditions of lives and lives of those it has captive to predatory delusions. It can be detected in its language practices particularly. I, too, was in misprision.

It is a glad day in America. All here is well and wonders full of World succeed.
To the daily specifics:
A hard "total-containment" suppression of my notices is traced evidentially and experientially to a once-secret political-dominance faction which is playing me as a patsy for a strawman argument about "climate change" (the most recent political euphemism to sabotage my own fredom of action as well as the BackWords Recordings culture initiative). Stealthily leveraging in a need-to-know-only whole-of-planetary legal system is the apparent objective. None of this has anything to do with me, and more than the political euphemisms "Saddam Hussein", "Donald Trump", "Colin Kapernik", or "Kim Jun Un" have any real connection outside of anchoring propagandandists' info-fictions.
Clinton's Cabal (which includes family members of mine who control vital assets and resources) has apparently deployed an empowered Denialism unknown before to the general public, coordinating Insiders and Functionaries to bury my work and career before facts and publicly-presented for-profit works can emerge. They "game" or falsify the empirical truth of my actual factual life; "gaming" the documented personal record. A peculiarly totalistic reputation-, credit- and credentials- sabotage has been the result, justifying itself with bizarre no-failure-possible political chain-pulling. The goal is clearly a financial, reputation, and legal complications wipe-out of a too-hot target.
The key point being made here is that this propaganda narrative-generation was hybridised onto the anti-Trump national hysteria. This is election-rigging. My sense of outrage has been tempered and disciplined as I have become cognisance of the threats posed, fielded, and funded to many nations and peoples. A second, related, point is that the strange phenomenon of Eastern Lightning and its deceptions of motive and means are linked to the Shabbateans. Presumably California-based Crypto-utopians perform the command-and-control.
This is different than what was detailed in the Cox Report regarding Mr. Clinton and Chinese Factions. At that time, he could well have been co-opted. Since then he's been working to overtop the Chinese, the Americans, and the European Union with a whole-of-planet jurisdictional authority anchored in the UNFCCC Conferences of Parties. Today's matter reveals a philosopical evolution of the opaque Factional balance within the Chinese Communist Party. As an interested person, I can remark on the expressions of Reconciliationism I see locally, in New York and Washington, and in PR China. Pei's own role in PR China's "two factions, one system" governance dynamic is extremely interesting and she is given her due honour, attention, and s respectful effort towards dedicated personal understanding. However, her objective is internal-China competition and lamentably messianic in orientation. That's indicative of Pei's strength of character and purpose.
As for myself:
Over-run, what is to be done but to send up a flare and run up the Flag? Thus conflict and dissension, trade disruptions and re-evaluations. It is not asserted here that the CCP is among the attackers. The Shabbatean group that raised me and is linked to American music business predators and Eastern Lightning has acted in malice, bragging about their "Anaconda Strategy.". The tolerance for business-rape within political structralisms here in America has unfortunately has broken what my denomination of Christianity knows as the bounds of Destiny.
We witness to an illumination into the Soul of discredited Politics. The cost in human agonies and subjugations of this "war in heaven" shall be detailed. Our national security complexes understand that a historically significant event has taken place.
The most dangerous world-historical narrows since the Napoleonic consolidations is successfully transited and all can soon emerge into blue sea. The available reports are fascinating and insightful.
To summarise, The Shabbateans masking as Illuminati, financiers, ideologists of good will, quasi-Mormon Gods and Goddesses, music business trend-propagators, and religious leaders have failed in their holy-evolutionism denialist bid. We have averted a global war in mutuality with PR China and the Crown. May Shenpei deeply know the nature of her Dignity.
These Gestures of Culture Diplomacy display, by way of this Emanation, the establishment of mine own Dignity. President Trump's direction to  the business community is to process such interactions, insofar as they involve investments and trade, through CFIUS. It is hoped that Shenpei and I can issue a Joint Communique soon enough. There are coordinations regarding the fifteen-year mutual-benefit plan for strategic mentoring and manifestation-propagation published in sheetmusic form as WALKING PAST, A Dramatic Narrativew for Solo Cello (2013) which builds upon the unreleased work RATIOS (revised). RATIOS (revised), communicating Pei and I in relationship 1995-1996 was conceived, scored, and premiered as a personalised translation of Professor Harold Bloom's seminal work THE ANXIETY OF INFLUENCE. Both compositions are copyrighted in the United States and published by Q E D Music (ASCAP), another business which I own.
Here, in what I call The BackWords Affair, the nature, intents, and reasonings of this Revelation of Influence are presented to the publics, peoples, and markets worldwide. 

[The notice-text relating our personal relationship as formalised in January 2018 and again in August 2018 is suppressed.] 
Lamentably, Pei and I (I know her by a name I gave her, Shenpei) are being manipulated by a wealthy, connected, corporate media dramatist who desires to publicize through his faux-religious media-plays a central complex of narratives which he thinks will allay the resistance of the dispossessed, the excluded, to the supposedly destined correctness of the New Theocracy as well as serve recruitment ends. Whether Pei understands this to be scenario-mongering  - in which I am cast as a demonized Dante-joke to her as a "Fool Queen",  a crazyman's Beatrice in an epic farce hyping the seemingly unprosecutable ungodly god-men ambitious for ultimates - is beyond my ability to know. She may be bamboozled or corrupted or heroicly holding fast - by the constraints of the scenarios I cannot consult with her directly without putting her at risk. Nor am I able to bring her back from the envelopment in her surrealistic life as a tool 'divinely favored'. And yet I stand, still, in deference. 

My awareness of these matters comes largely from monitoring intra-Cabal communications over a period of several years, with intensive monitoring from September 2016 until July 2018. Since members of my family - presumably serious Christians in their own fashion - are inside the Cabal central circle, interactions with them have been used as verification diagnostics. The personal subjugations began in 1980 and have varied in the intensity of deprivations of experience centered upon an enveloping deception, a denial of being which was indicative of the details of my personal historical predicament. Thus I possessed from experience a certain orienting key to perceiving motives and messagings and my understanding has been supplemented by "Inner Light" knowledge, emails and webpages from insiders and their supporters, and personally-directed information over hightech channels. The music business propagation aspects of the Cabal's Theocratic evolutions and plans can be readily found on YouTube.

I speak to the peoples of the East Asia, the Americas, and the United Kingdom in expressing my chagrin for this attempt by people I personally know to wrench world history into a deception-presentation domination-regime. I understand, though, that civilizations can coalesce strength of purpose as they respond to the millenialist ferments and political grotesqueries. When BackWords Recordings will be able to engage in normal public market activities is beyond my current horizon of known contingencies.

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