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On a Precipitated Crisis of Concern


BackWords Recordings has again been reduced to marginal operation status by Precipitant Events. Details: 
The House was ransacked in January and we are currently under assault from a number of coordinated threat vectors, escalating and radio-choreographed: Cyber-commandeering, pervasive electronic espionage and IP harvesting, revenue lockout, financial and food strangulation, and propaganda-borne discrediting and color of law intimidations perpetrated upon myself and my businesses and a former girlfriend from graduate music school, Pei Shen, who flagged me down about a year ago requesting my help but may have been a probe inserted to get a feed for harvesting personal and business perspectives.
The origins of the dispute lay in the International Public Information Group's propaganda campaign which lured George W. Bush into the Iraq War. This initiative of former president W J Clinton, now evolved for almost twenty years and today known as 'Strategic Communication', is swamping out the music industry with songtexts synchronised into an Ideology pushing, as a propaganda campaign, a romance - that Pei tells me is a matter of coercion - between Clinton and herself and agressively expanding market bubbles around Pei and my own still-sandboxed businesses which they are angling to steal as a platform to link up with Eastern Lightning, a fake religion (featuring a California music business guy as "Jehovah") at war with the Chinese Government.
A blurb was posted on this website characterising as a hoax media reports that I had been wed to Pei Shen, my beloved from graduate music school, to whom I composed WALKING PAST, A Dramatic Narrative for Solo Cello in 2013. That blurb was written to fulfill my legal obligation to conceal information that I experienced an electronically relayed marriage ceremony with Pei in January 2018, presented to me as taking place in the Classified Domain. The "marriage", though, may itself have been a component of this electronic deception-harvesting influence operation which has overrun my radio and cyber communications. She has not arrived at the house/office and the reason presented over the electronic links is that she has been blocked every time by violators acting under of colour of law, which may or may not be true.  Pei and I are in regular interactive radiolink contact, though.
The influence operation targeting my house created an envelope of intimidations, political and sexual; reflexive manipulations and measure/counter-measure escalations; coordinated inflicting of financial losses and cyber-issues; incessent songtexts bombarding the available radio frequencies, spinning out the travails and ideas of we two - often detailing the specifics of the politics involved and the individuals cloaking their mic signals with voice modelers. It is impossible to write off as something other than criminal predations wrapped in a propaganda campaign. No politics worthy of America would endorse the methods, means, or motives of the influence operation's coordinators. The detailed intricacies of the media and political cover-ups and diversions suggest many planning sessions and large expenditures, which means that the operators are trusted as insiders.
Therein is my predicament in bringing matters to public awareness without consulting with Pei. It is not possible for me to not be wrong about her motives and means and yet the significance of the public concerns necessitates my forth-coming.
The blurb I have posted was written to shield us both (and the general world publics) from further predations by mad scripters-of-life on their religious bender pushing relentlessly to raise war financing.
A stated goal is to steal the accumlated national assets of the Chinese People, necessitating the "influencing" of Mr. Trump as they influenced Mr. Bush. The so-called "dodgy dossier" matter was brought to light in the UK Parliament's Iraq Inquiry. This run-up to war is justifying and motivating an Ideology, the revenues in music streaming alone are immense enough that the motion will carry our country into a catastrophe. The iterative designing and development of this culture-wide catastrophe took many years and thousands of businesses. Another goal is to install two particular American old men as "Kings". There are other grotesque geo-strategic components to "God's Plan".

The weaving of an identity deception around my person is a matter has come to the attention of the Federal Authorities and the British Crown. The evidence is detailed through SIGINT-like monitoring and documentation of the matters as they have represented.
We ask for forbearance as Federal and State Authorities disentangle themselves and their communcations systems from this political Cabal's machinations and infiltrations. BackWords Recordings is cooperating with the FBI as they close in on Strategic Communication for, among other things, infiltrating the Trump Campaign (allegedly with coordinators in the Russian Presidential Administration). The hypothesis is that Russia itself has been commandeered by a root group known as Sabatteans, a sect of heretical Jews expelled from Turkey who infiltrated into Europe as the Frankists and incubated for several hundred years before fielding Hitlerism. It looks like Mr. Putin was recruited while a KGB man in Dresden.
The Cabal consists of only about ten empowered individuals who have embroiled many thousands of others in a mass deception campaign which has, as I said, the aim of stealing China from upon the Chinese in order to fund their next step, said to be a planetgrab building on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, a need-to-know-only world governance entity that will have no legislature, judiciary, or elected executive and as of 2020 will have binding power of law over nationstates enforcing its dictates.
There's also the point made that the Californian bid to get to Mars doesn't work without stealing China's assets.

World Civilizations have seen this before; seventeen million Chinese civilians' lives were lost during the Fascist bid to prey upon their nation last century.
The world of the 20th century experienced the results of a similar nation-commandeering in order to advance bigger plans and wrench history itself according to a Master Script: the Second Total War of 1914-1991.
Here, in what I call The BackWords Affair, the nature, intents, and reasonings of this Revelation of Influence is presented to the publics, peoples, and markets worldwide. 

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