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Advanced Christianity with Chinese characteristics.

Rock Classical
"Music is the Rhyme of the Spirit"


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BackWords Recordings has returned to full operation status after the Precipitant Events of December-January this past winter.
Tim Backer, Phase Innocence is now completed. The works which comprise and structure Phase Innocence are dual-copyrighted. The only addition to the list published on this page is a collection of early archival recordings intended to give context to Tim's music career history.
'Innocence' doctrinally is one of "the 2 Contrary States of the Human Soul." The fundamentals are found in The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake.
"I have borne and have borned good Fruit. I hereby and herein present to the World Market: Tim Backer, Phase Innocence."  
South Bend
February 12, 2018 

Tim Backer: A Man who,

being Nobody, was & is.

Tim Backer is currently working as

"The Musing Genie"

He creates realtime compositions with an Electric Guitar.

---> 574/520-1565

--> booking:


For the Record:

Media reports that Tim Backer has married Pei Shen - for whom he wrote "WALKING PAST, A Dramatic Narrative for Solo Cello" - are false and seem to be part of a hoax.




Tim Backer, M.Mus.:
Composer, Politist, Recording Artist,
Poet, Musician, Culturist. 

Send your rights acquisition proposals to:  
Specification: Post-production, Manufacturing, and Marketing Rights to 7 full-length CDs, 2 multi-disc works and 2 MaxiSingles.
Three of the CDs are mainstream product in the Rock Classical genre. 
One CD is of top-level Classical compositions.
One multi-disc work is a Recitation of an epic poem by William Blake.
Rights assignment to be by license.
Two Companies will be chosen to develop a detailed Prospectus and a Marketing Vision.
The finalizing decisions will be made by March 29, 2018.
(SR) and (PA) ©'s are already secured. 
CD- A Platform For Dreams
CD- The Subtle Dawn 
6 CD's- The Musing Genie: Thirteen Electric Guitar Explorations
6 CD's- THE FOUR ZOAS: A Recitation of the epic poem by William Blake
CD- Patriotic Impromptus
MaxiSingle- Thank America
CD- The Subtle Dawn: An American's Version
CD- Isolated Efforts/ In Camera
Requirement: Your Company needs to have an existing sales structure in the Far East, be an intellectual presence in European art-music circles, and be able to manifest cultural leadership in the United States.
Post-production includes mastering, making needed videos, and concept-development.
Digital reification is quite promising.
Goal 1 is to have three commercially credible releases available for consumers to purchase during the Christmas-season window, 2017.
Goal 2 is to establish Rock Classical as a powerful sales genre, looking toward being a radio format.
Goal 3 is to make Tim Backer-- his works, his life, and his thought-- a vibrant topic in the critical communities.
Goal 4 is to promote the ideas found on this website, managing the development of the Backerian worldview by means of specific cultural initiatives. 
Goal 5 is to have a cultural influence that results in better employment prospects for classically-trained musicians. 


BackWords Recordings, conceptually, is dedicated to forming and promoting an independent culture. This culture is solidly based on culture products that are proven as being worth conserving, that lead to transcendent experience and transcendent values. The visual arts, musical arts, verbal arts, and science arts all contribute. Transcendent works are found in high culture and in popular culture, in tradition and in innovation, and inspire action as well as contemplation. 
The hoped-for independent culture is one of accessible excellence.

POLITIST: A Chinese word into English, meaning a person whose political sway and idea-insertion reaches those not reached by political argument or policy. 


Two essays are included here from
Tim's LiveJournal

"A New Kind of Man"

"Milton and Ololon"

Tim Backer,

Phase Innocence 


The Tim Backer Project/Object

The First State (1995-2017): 

The Subtle Dawn: An American's Version (2006)

The Way of Civilizational Design (2016)

WALKING PAST, A Dramatic Narrative For Solo Cello [for Shenpei] (2013)


A Platform For Dreams (2017)

Classicality [2nd ed.] (2017)

The Subtle Dawn (1999)

The Four Zoas [epic poem recitation] (2014)

Patriotic Impromptus (2016)

"BackWords Recordings is, at present, building a catalog of my own original musical and poetic works for future use. I intend, upon capitalisation, to offer for resale other businesses' culture products as well. My guiding values are rooted in the works of Shakespeare, Milton, Blake and Beethoven.
"A trained composer (M. Mus.) and developing recording artist, I do Rock Classical compositions, developing the branch of Classical music founded by The Beatles, infused with an astounding worldview. Unique-styled bold electric guitar complements skillful, complex sheetmusic-based Mac/MIDI work; because of studio limitations, the main effort went into the note-writing and formal structuring. The lyrics resemble Blake and Coleridge with a saturating influence of Shakespeare. 

"As a Mac/MIDI composer, I enjoy writing and performing "notey" music. While earning my M.Mus. I learned how to write counterpoint in a number of styles. I play classical piano and string bass, am a muser on electric guitar and synthesizer, and read well enough to perform the parts I write on the recordings that I produce. Up to this point, I have been entirely a DIY artist, but I've expanded beyond that palette and now am in pursuit of greater accomplishments using professional-grade resources. Basically, I've outgrown my own act. So, at the moment, I'm developing a new live act based on improvisational electric guitar." 

In recognition of Pei Shen, once of PR China:

"A Fool sees not the same Tree that a Wise Man sees."

"For every Thing that Lives is Holy.

And now thy Lion and Wolf shall cease."

--- The Marriage of Heaven and Hell 

NOTICE: BackWords Recordings is a sole proprietorship, a d/b/a registered in the State of Indiana, wholly owned and operated by Brian T ("Tim") Backer.

BackWords Recordings operates independently of any other persons, entities or organizations, real or implied, including family members. 

Content created within the context of BackWords Recordings is, as pertains to copyright or other intellectual property rights and claims, wholly owned by Brian T ("Tim") Backer, InterPlays excluded, qualified by law and appropriate agreements and licenses.



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